Why threats

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Why threats Often children hold with hands genitals when they want to urinate, especially those who always long restrains.

It does not mean an onanism.

Why threats are harmful.

Many think that the onanism leads to madness.

It is wrong.

Such representation arose because many intellectually defective teenagers and young people actively are engaged in an onanism that in itself is a sign and result of nervous breakdown.

If the child often frigs, so something in his life not as it should be.

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Except a nested

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Except a nested Further encourage the child that he after game always itself collected the toys in a box, at first do it together with him, but be engaged in it not as work, and as game.

Except a nested doll, a pyramid, bricks for the child it is desirable to get subject toys: doll, bear, dog.

It is possible to give to the child in hands a doll and to show him as to drive it; to give a doggie in hands and to play with it its feeding; to give the machine in hands and to show how it can be rolled forward back.

Unlike earlier stages at the child memory already develops: he knows for what the concrete toy is necessary and as with it to play.

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The truth

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The truth Sometimes the child is told the truth after stated him the version about a stork.

The truth and a lie mix up in children's mind.

It is natural.

The child believes everything that hears because he has a bright imagination.

He does not aspire as adult, to find out the truth and to sweep aside aside all wrong answers.

Remember also that the child will not receive sufficient representation from one answer.

It will come back to this subject several times, will not be finally satisfied yet.

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In the next

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In the next These two terms are used for the name of the infection having not local symptoms such as cold or diarrhea, and the general high temperature and a general malaise.

We suspect that sometimes the oneday increased temperature is the catarrhal disease stopped right at the beginning.

In the next days after temperature increase the child feels absolutely normally and when he is brought to walk in cold weather, at it cold unexpectedly begins.

If temperature increases not at once, and after the catarrhal phenomena, it usually means that the illness extended on other bodies.

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It from

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It from It seems to me, I made everything as it is necessary.

And I do not know how to be.

And that if to talk to your teacher, for example, tomorrow.

Perhaps, he will be able to explain why delivered you the two?

Yes he also will not begin to listen.

It from what are never mistaken.

But, maybe, if you talk to it, Gerry, will find out, what it not such and the bad person?

Teachers appreciate those who shows interest in study.

The end of the ends of Gerry would decide to talk to the teacher.

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If your

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If your Other diseases meet extremely seldom.

If your child not only cries, but also looks unusually, take his temperature and address to the doctor.

Whether the child of what he wet or dirty cries?

Very few children are disturbed by wet or dirty diapers.

Most of children simply does not notice it.

However to the child will not damage if you replace once again a diaper when he begins to cry.

Whether the pin in his diaper was undone?

It occurs once in years, but you have to check to calm down.

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