There is a bear

There is a bear There is a bear and asks: About what you, Snegurushka, cry?

As to me, a medvedyushka not to cry!

I one at the grandfather, the grandmother the granddaughter of Snegurushka, girlfriends enticed me into the wood, having enticed left!

Get down, I will carry you to the grandfather and the grandmother!

No, I am afraid of you, you eat me!

The bear left her.

She again began to cry, in clover: Ay, ay, Snegurushka!

Ay, ay, my dear!

At the grandfather, at the grandmother There was a granddaughter Snegurushka, Her girlfriends enticed into the wood, Enticed left!

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When he rushed

When he rushed David sharply jumped aside, having outwitted thereby the opponent.

Unfortunately, as a result of it it appeared too far from the platform.

When he rushed on a stomach to reach it, the boy infuriated by that carried out it jumped up to David and, having concerned after all a ball, hit it on a face.

I was stunned and was frightened that David, being more tall, by all means will hit him back.

To my great relief and surprise, it only shook off from itselfhimself dust and quietly went to a bench for left game.

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Then collect

Then collect As the kid already learned to act with two nested dolls, offer him more difficult option, with three and more nested dolls.

At first take out and collect all three nested dolls, build them in a row, emphasize a difference in size.

Ask the child to show, where a big nested doll, where average, where the small.

Then collect nested dolls together with the child: in average the smallest hides, now there were two nested dolls big less, open a big nested doll and hide in it average.

Constantly prompt to the child: Open this nested doll, and now this, How to close nested dolls?

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  • The tic amplifies if the child is nervous.The tic proceeds, stopping, amplifying within several weeks or months, and then either will stop forever, or will be replaced by a new type of a tic.The blinking, puffing, an expectoration and dry cough often begin during cold, but proceed and after the child recovers.Twitching by shoulders can begin during carrying very free clothes which, apparently, just about will fall down.The child can copy a tic at other child, but it would not begin to do it if it was not nervously intense.
  • Someone the large businessman.But the most important that I would wish to each of you is to be happy, being thus oneself.And I pray to God that it became your best achievement in life.To help the teenager to cope with falsities of the difficult age, a lot of time and patience is required.We have with Pat two teenagers, one so far at home, another already studies in college.I consider them as remarkable people though, I can add, in many respects doubting.We should not treat teenagers, as small children.
  • Such child will fill up really more slowly the lexicon, but hardly he will be silent in general.But if, besides, parents constrain aspiration of the child to sociability and constantly to straighten out it, he will be really silent.Happens that mother says with the child such long offers that he does not manage to allocate and remember any word.But it meets seldom as we instinctively speak with children short phrases with an accent on the most important word.If the child long does not start saying, the first that comes to mind to parents, whether it lags behind their child in intellectual development.
  • Many of these popular speakers distribute false information, but thus flavor it with some grain of truth.It is very difficult to define, where the truth, and where lie.And it is even more difficult to call into question told by the person or directly to oppose it.WHAT OUR TASK?In the book devoted to children and anger, this head can seem derogation from a subject.However so it does not seem to me.After all you and your family, probably, visit church and, so faced some of the problems mentioned here.
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