The habitual

The habitual The school often squeezes out from the circle of everyone who is beaten out from a general series whom the general not to measure by arshin.

It first of all concerns exceptional children as they often because of the endowments have psychological problems and more difficultly other children adapt in life, than.

The habitual image of the absentminded scientist strewing herring with granulated sugar and stirring salt in a glass with tea traditionally causes in us affection.

But what irritation and indignation is brought down by us on the little mathematician who did not learn to tie laces and sporting in the tshirt put on the wrong side!

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And I see, as their

And I see, as their I can understand the nonbeliever experiencing such confusion, confusion and despair, but it is difficult for me to understand how the Christian can appear in networks of such hopelessness.

And nevertheless, round me there are a lot of Christians who gave in to pessimistic moods.

And I see, as their teenagers cannot find that the vital, bearing calm ray of hope which Jesus gives to the children.

I would like that our teenagers found hope and inspiration and responded to call of the Lord.

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I told it about

I told it about I told it about one famous minister who suddenly felt that the egoprizvaniye to be the manager of bar.

Having learned as its way of life which destroyed both his career, and marriage changed, I was not surprised at all.

I told Carrie that completely I trust her because she always behaved well, but there are situations with which she is not ready to cope yet and which it is better for any sane person to avoid.

WAIT A LITTLE WITH THE ANSWER Let's assume, you grant more rights to the teenager, based on trust, and also considering character of each situation.

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And that

And that Further it is more: some teenagers lock the anger in themselves that causes psychosomatic problems: headaches, ulcers of an internal, skin diseases.

And that is especially sad, I met cases when the passive and aggressive behavior so took roots in teenagers that with its help they reacted to any situation causing anger against which came up.

It is sometimes brought them to suicide as way of indirect expression of anger.

A few years ago I on reception had a sixteenyearold girl, whose parents mistakenly believed that bring up the daughter correctly, without allowing it to splash out outside negative emotions, and especially anger.

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Unless your

Unless your If you so think, you do not consider the child as the personality certain of you.

Think over it at a leisure.

Unless your heavenly Father does not do also much for you?

Christ speaks: Ask and it will be given you; look for and will find; knock and will open to you.

Because any asking receives, both looking for finds, and knocking open.

Whether there is between you such person who when the son asks him for it bread, would give it a stone?

And when will ask fish, would give it a snake?

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It is directly

It is directly But whether you had to reflect on what harm can do the suppressed or incorrectly expressed anger?

As I already told at the beginning of this chapter, the main danger to your child which will pursue him during all life, is his own anger.

It is directly connected with all other problems which can arise at your son or the daughter, aggravates all problems and generates the new.

The anger does harm to the identity of the child and extends on all areas of life.

In our world of people constantly comes up against situations which can cause despair, devastate soul.

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  • Many of these popular speakers distribute false information, but thus flavor it with some grain of truth.It is very difficult to define, where the truth, and where lie.And it is even more difficult to call into question told by the person or directly to oppose it.WHAT OUR TASK?In the book devoted to children and anger, this head can seem derogation from a subject.However so it does not seem to me.After all you and your family, probably, visit church and, so faced some of the problems mentioned here.
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