Whether You, therefore, need to lift the child that he otrygnut air see section then continue feeding.

Some children should help to otrygnut several times air during feeding, and it is not necessary for another at all.

You learn soon, what type your child.

As soon as the child ceased to suck and looks full and happy, stop feeding.

He knows better, how many for him it is necessary.

Whether it is possible to enclose a small bottle.

During feeding it is better to hold the child on hands.

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Ask: Who where

Ask: Who where Show to the child the picture of The dwelling of animals see page with the corresponding images and suggest to lodge each of animals in his lodge.

Ask: Who where lives?

Hare under a bush, a little mouse in a mink, a bear in a den.

Development of visual attention.

Suggest the child to consider the picture Who where hid?


Ask to call the hidden animals and to tell where everyone hid.

Development of a small motility and grammar.

Show to the child on the picture Find mother cubs of animals and suggest to find to each of animals his mother.

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What do you think

What do you think What do you think of the mother?

Unless she is an egoist?

Unless she worries only about herself, without taking into account interests of others?

Unless she cares only of own pleasure and to her to spit on others?

It is natural, such speech brought to reason David.

He remembered everything that the loving mother made for him that day him, though felt bad.

I was immensely happy when David eventually concluded: It means that the selfish person is interested only in that, as if most to take pleasure instead of caring of others.

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If the child

If the child Ask the child to find these heroes on subject pictures and to impose them on the subject.

Training in telling.

Ask the child to help you to tell the fairy tale.

Stop in a logical key of the phrase, and suggest to finish speaking to the child the last word in this phrase.

If the child cannot perform this task, lead it.

Development of thinking.

Tell the child that the grandfather, the grandmother, the granddaughter, a doggie, a cat and a mouse invited him on a visit.

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As in psychological

As in psychological In most cases it only adds fuel to the fire.

As in psychological circles the question of slopping of feelings was so widely discussed, I want to depict once again a position of adherents of the theory about usefulness of unlimited expression of feelings.

They consider that it is always useful to bring feeling out of the system.

However at such approach the surrounding situation and consequences of manifestation of anger are not taken into account.

If you bring down the rage on other person, and he as a result will shoot you, will not matter any more that you died with very healthy arteries Carol Tevris in the book Anger: incorrectly understood feeling provides three myths about expression of anger.

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Let the child

Let the child It is dishonest and unreasonable to wait from one person of the qualities inherent in another.

The child, certainly, will not manage to be the copy of the dead, he will disappoint the adoptive parents and will be unhappy.

The adopted child should not remind of the dead and it is not necessary to compare it to it it is opened, in soul.

Let the child will be oneself it partially concerns and to the children born after death of the previous child.

For adoptive parents risky to deal with the real parents of the child whom they are going to adopt.

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  • The tic amplifies if the child is nervous.The tic proceeds, stopping, amplifying within several weeks or months, and then either will stop forever, or will be replaced by a new type of a tic.The blinking, puffing, an expectoration and dry cough often begin during cold, but proceed and after the child recovers.Twitching by shoulders can begin during carrying very free clothes which, apparently, just about will fall down.The child can copy a tic at other child, but it would not begin to do it if it was not nervously intense.
  • Someone the large businessman.But the most important that I would wish to each of you is to be happy, being thus oneself.And I pray to God that it became your best achievement in life.To help the teenager to cope with falsities of the difficult age, a lot of time and patience is required.We have with Pat two teenagers, one so far at home, another already studies in college.I consider them as remarkable people though, I can add, in many respects doubting.We should not treat teenagers, as small children.
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  • Many of these popular speakers distribute false information, but thus flavor it with some grain of truth.It is very difficult to define, where the truth, and where lie.And it is even more difficult to call into question told by the person or directly to oppose it.WHAT OUR TASK?In the book devoted to children and anger, this head can seem derogation from a subject.However so it does not seem to me.After all you and your family, probably, visit church and, so faced some of the problems mentioned here.
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