But now I would

But now I would Martin Luther It is important to distinguish feeling, Godgiven, and our ways of expression of anger.

In this book we consider many forms of expression of anger which we consider unacceptable.

But now I would like to pay attention on objective values and usefulness of this gift with which God allocated us.

In the previous chapter I mentioned importance of the accurate concept own I.

All of us need emotional and sincere space completely to show the abilities.

All of us need the independence corresponding to our age and duties.

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Many children

Many children As a rule, doctors recommend to give water times a day irrespective of the specified circumstances, but it is not obligatory.

Usually the child receives enough liquid with milk.

Many children aged from weeks till year refuse water.

If your child loves water, give its one or several times a day in intervals between feedings if he does not sleep but not before the feeding.

Let he will drink so much water, how many he wants possibly, about g.

But do not force it to drink if he does not want.

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If he was afflicted

If he was afflicted Track better that causes its nervous tension.

If he was afflicted with your departure, try not to leave in the next two months.

If it seems to you that you talk to the child too much and force to tell him, try to wean from it.

Play with it generally by means of actions, but not words.

Whether there is at your child enough opportunity to play with other children in the company of whom he feels freely?

Whether it is enough at it toys and the different equipment there are houses and in the yard that he could invent own games without your intervention?

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We develop

We develop Education means itself something bigger, than only punishment.

We develop mind at the child and we form in it character, thereby, giving it the chance to become the fullfledged member of society responsible for the acts.

It is possible to bring up an example, verbal instructions, training, a joke; in a word, practically by all methods of communication, including also punishment.

Though punishment is a negative and primitive method of education, sometimes it can be used.

However the best way to teach something the child is to send it thoughts and actions to the right course instead of punishing for mistakes.

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They learned

They learned They scrupulously visited all consultations, and soon their family became stronger.

They learned to show love which always felt to Tod and Amy, but did not find time for her manifestation.

Perceive the child as the integral personality.

It is impossible to buy simply those things which he wants to have, and then to wait that he will develop properly.

It is impossible to drive simply it in church on Sundays, and to allow the whole remained week that his life passed far from spiritual ways.

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Generally Most likely such child will quickly look at you at the first acquaintance and right there will look away.

Generally it will avoid to look at you unless you will tell or will show something very much interesting to it.

This sliding look is unpleasant, it irritates and annoys you.

Observe how parents look at this child?

Isn't that so, probably?

Imagine all remote unpleasant consequences which will be tested by the child in the future.

Present as far as it will complicate friendly and other emotional relations in life.

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