For example, most

For example, most It explains why so many churches adhere to the extremely authoritative positions.

Today's leaders often take a list in this direction, presenting the thoughts as the law for parishioners who generally treat percent.

The opinion of such heads is seldom called into question.

For example, most of Christians can ask a question that apostles Pavel and Ioann wanted to tell the messages.

Can also interest them that mean some statements of Christ.

But they do not dare to ask these questions to modern leaders to learn that that think in this respect.

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For example, loudly

For example, loudly Children's ability to trust In children since the birth ability to training is put.

Since first months of life, their behavior is directed on a survival.

For example, loudly shouting, they report that something need.

One quite ordinary theory of education of children advises parents not to pay to the child attention when he shouts as it will only spoil him.

Actually there is the return.

Kids who on early months of life were consoled every time when they started crying, grow up then in morally stronger, more respecting themselves children, than what treated so: Well, cry, cry.

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The developing

The developing The training to improve the general and small motility; to enter new verbs, adjectives into the dictionary; to learn to carry out an elementary performance of already familiar fairy tale.

The developing to continue to develop visual and acoustical perception, memory, imagination, thinking.

Equipment: figures of characters of the fairy tale from desktop puppet theater; images of heroes of the fairy tale see an insert, fig.

, ; picture Tea table fig.

; beautiful pictures and hats of bears; mnemokart fig.

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For some

For some As soon as the child saw food, his stomach and intestines at once warn him that they are not ready to accept it yet.

If you stuff the child with food and force it to eat while he feels slight nausea because of an illness, disgust for food takes roots at it quicker, than at the healthy child.

For some days you can fight off it appetite for a long time.

As soon as the stomach and intestines recover from an illness and again will be able to digest food, to the child the strong feeling of hunger comes back.

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Usually If the victim waiting for medical care has to be held in a cold place, cover it blankets or clothes.

Head injuries.

Since then, when the kid will learn to turn over with a side sideways and, therefore, to roll down from a bed, it will often fall, hitting the head.

Usually parents feel guilty when it happens for the first time.

But if so carefully watch the child that to him never it happens nothing, means excessively are concerned about him.

It will keep his bones, but will cripple character.

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But now I would

But now I would Martin Luther It is important to distinguish feeling, Godgiven, and our ways of expression of anger.

In this book we consider many forms of expression of anger which we consider unacceptable.

But now I would like to pay attention on objective values and usefulness of this gift with which God allocated us.

In the previous chapter I mentioned importance of the accurate concept own I.

All of us need emotional and sincere space completely to show the abilities.

All of us need the independence corresponding to our age and duties.

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Many children

Many children As a rule, doctors recommend to give water times a day irrespective of the specified circumstances, but it is not obligatory.

Usually the child receives enough liquid with milk.

Many children aged from weeks till year refuse water.

If your child loves water, give its one or several times a day in intervals between feedings if he does not sleep but not before the feeding.

Let he will drink so much water, how many he wants possibly, about g.

But do not force it to drink if he does not want.

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